Wednesday, November 9, 2011

brains before beauty

this is big c.  

my first born.

absolutely beautiful.  

and smart too.  in fact, she received a letter from a senator commending her on her state test scores from last year.  they were the highest in the state of florida.  

yep, the brains.  they're in there somewhere.

now let me share a 10 minute segment of our morning with you.

big c: "mom, can i have cocoa puffs with milk for breakfast?"

me: "um, you're 9.  can you pour the milk all by your big girl self?"

big c: "yep."

big c: "the milk expires on 11-22."

me: "great."

big c: "that's really soon.  are we going to drink that much milk before then?"

me: "really?  look at the calendar. today's the 9th."

big c: "it's in 5 days."

me : "go eat your breakfast."

3 seconds later........

big c: "soooorrrrry, mama."

me: "it's fine.  just get something else to eat.  how did this even happen?"

big c: "i forgot to sit down first."


she chooses an apple and sits down at the table.

little c has a project for school due this week.  big c reads the paper.

big c: "mom, we have to help little c make his rooster today."

me: "his rooster?"

big c: "yeah, his rooster.  rooooooossssterrrr." (as if i'm the idiot who isn't quite getting it)

me: "are you sure it's a rooster.  look at the picture and read the directions again."

big c: "his turkey.  we have to help him disguise his turkey."

me: "i know. we'll work on it after school.

big c: "can we make it look like a pop star chicken?"

me: "a chicken?"

big c: "i mean rooster.  i mean turkey."

me: "you should go ahead and go wait for the bus."

big c: "but i have 10 minutes."

me: "did you brush your hair before you put that headband on?"

big c: "i can't remember."

i love that child.  and it's only 7:11 in the morning.

teach your children well.

-dimply stacy

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